Nurse Candle - You Can&

Nurse Candle - You Can't Have Those Flowers in Here

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Our 10 oz candles are perfect for an average sized room and have a burn time of 50+ hours. Available scents: 3 am lunch break – graham crackers and peanut butter, because you missed the cafeteria hours yet again. • Doctor’s lounge coffee – because the coffee on your floor just isn’t the same. • R/t a/e/b – a mystery scent. • Keep ‘em alive til 7:05 – pink, breathing, and the next nurse’s problem. • Doc mcdreamy - the one that doesn’t think he’s an actual god, listens to your concerns, and agrees with your nurses intuition and treatment suggestions. • You can't have those flowers in here – fresh flowers full of scent and allergens. • New residents to torture - smells like fear, trepidation and brand new white coats. • Visiting hours are over - the sigh of relief after dealing with crazy family members is cause for celebration! Raise a sugary energy drink in the air as you can now focus all your attention on excellent patient care!
Made in United States of America